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Why Nebraska Debate Institute?

NDI is a labor of love. Driven by a love of debate, education, and people, NDI Director Fred Robertson founded NDI in 2004. The camp started small, offering only LD in 2004. In 2005, NDI began to offer a Policy camp. 2006 marked the first year of the NDI Public Forum camp. From there, our camp has grown exponentially in enrollment and diversity of student body. NDI is a destination camp for debaters throughout the Midwest and frequently attracts students from all across the United States.

Welcome To Nebraska Debate Institute

Fred Robertson, Director

NDI is the single best debate camp bargain in the country. Boasting an incredible staff for an affordable price, NDI is bar none the best camp in its price range and one of the best camps in the entire country.

NDI has an incredible record of producing debaters with outstanding achievements:

  • Policy:
  • LD:
  • PF:

Policy: Former NDI students have consistently performed well at local, regional, and national level competitions because we teach all styles of policy debate and have the staff to do so. We focus on developing high level skills by having as many critiqued practice rounds as possible for our students and have had a number of competitors who, after attending NDI, have gone on to success at NSDA Nationals and at state and regional level tournaments throughout the nation.

LD: We have produced nearly every state champion and the vast majority of NFL qualifiers from Nebraska for the past 10 years. NDI is known as a camp that gives debaters who are moving from novice to varsity exactly the kind of experience they need to make that transition. We also will meet the needs of students who intend to debate on the national circuit, since the entire staff has experience competing or coaching at that level. Grant Brown is one student who attended NDI after his 9th grade year and went on to qualify for the TOC in both his sophomore and current junior year. At the recently completed 2016 Tournament of Champions, Grant was a quarterfinalist in Lincoln-Douglas debate and is now auto qualified for a return trip in 2017.

PF:NDI has produced multiple top-20 teams at NFL Nationals, numerous Tournament of Champions qualifiers, and state champions in both Iowa and Nebraska. Public Forum debaters who have attended NDI in 2014 and 2015 and have earned qualification for the 2016 Tournament of Champions include Millard North students Joe Howard and Renee Wehrle (4 bids) and Jason Selvaraj and Josie Slovut. From Madison West in Wisconsin, Ben Brazelton and Anand Raman (2015 NDI alums) earned 4 TOC bids and broke to octafinals at this year's TOC.

Benefits of NDI

Millard West High School

This year's NDI will be hosted at Millard West High School-- one of the finest facilities in the region. We have always provided great food and quality snacks. Ask anyone who has been to NDI; the food is the best of any debate camp in the country, and all food, water, pop, snacks while you are at camp are provided at no extra cost. This year Toni Heimes from Lincoln Southwest will once again be in charge of food at NDI. She is basically the finest cook in North America, and she will occasionally be aided by Fred Robertson, who is known to make world class taco salad.

Experienced or Professional Staff

Our staff is one of the most experienced and accomplished staffs in the country. Our staff members have led their own teams to great accomplishments, including but not limited to national champions, state champions, TOC qualifiers, NFL quarter-finalists, and NFL semi-finalists.

Practice for Growth

At NDI, you will get what you come for: an outstanding opportunity to grow and develop debate skills with in-depth lectures and labs led by some of the best and brightest in the region and the country. Coming to NDI means you will improve. Coming to NDI means you have made a great investment in your debate career, a great investment in your future.

One on One Instruction

We have always hired plenty of staff for all debate events and keep the overall student/staff ratio at under 4/1. Students get individualized instruction at NDI.


Registration deadline July 8, 2016.
Policy debate price reduced to $600.


Students Speak about NDI

From Jasmin Chun, 2014 NDI PF alum: "NDI changed the way I debate. The camp is filled with phenomenal instructors and interesting lectures. The public forum camp I attended has been immensely helpful to me and my partner. NDI provided me with a slew of knowledge that has played a pivotal role in my successful final year of debate, which includes qualifying to nationals. During the whole learning process, I met some incredibly intellectual individuals whom I will not forget. All in all, NDI was a fantastic experience."
From Grant Brown, 2014 NDI LD alum: "Nebraska Debate Institute was the greatest choice I've made in my debate career so far. Going into NDI the summer after my 9th grade year, I was amazed at how little I actually knew and how much more the staff there was able to teach me. The instructors came from so many varying backgrounds and were all knowledgeable. Regardless of if you debate the most lay, or top level national circuit debate, they have people there for you. Absent NDI I would not be where I am today, qualified to the TOC and hoping to qualify again for Nationals. NDI not only helps you in the moment, but gives you the tools to help yourself succeed in the future."
From Vanessa Obi, 2015 NDI Policy Alum: "With NDI I learned about new arguments and how important it is to adapt to my judges, and I also learned how to better budget my time for preparation within the debate round as well as outside of the round. Thank you so much for the amazing learning experience NDI gave me!”